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Ring Size Guide

How To Measure Ring Size: A Guide To Make Ring Sizing Easy

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Find Your Fit: Measure Ring Size At Home


Slip the sizer onto your finger and slide it to tighten the loop. Adjust the sizer so the fit is comfortable but snug and it can still slide over your knuckle.


To assemble and use the ring sizer, simply push the end through the opposing slot so that the numbers are facing outwards.


When the sizer fits your finger comfortably, read what size the arrow is pointing to.
(Size 8.5 shown)

A Printable Ring Sizer Measuring Tool 

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How To Measure Ring Size FAQ

Yes—manufactured rings are cast to industry standard sizes.

Yes, sizes are unisex and number based, running in whole as well as half sizes. The "standard" size for women is size 7 and for men it’s size 10. Depending on the maker, REEDS is typically able to provide sizes 5 through size 9 for women and sizes 8 through 12 for men, including half sizes. All the sizes available for a specific ring are listed on the ring's product page.

Resizing is only an option with specific rings. Some rings and bands cannot be resized due to their unique metal composition. Bands in very hard metals like titanium must be cast by the manufacturer and cannot be altered. Platinum bands are only sizeable to a few sizes above or below the original casting size. Certain types of ring designs such as eternity bands are generally manufactured only in the standard sizes in order to maintain the ring's strength and design integrity. Rings with gemstones along the shank or intricate carving cannot be resized without adversely affecting the inherent design.

The resizing process usually takes 3-5 business days*, unless otherwise stated in the drop down menu on the product page. *Some special orders may require extra time for resizing. Custom casting of special size titanium bands, for example, can run up to 10 to 12 weeks. If a ring is needed by a certain date, it's a good idea to check with us prior to ordering. We'll confer with the manufacturer to obtain a better estimated delivery date.

The fee for ring resizing** is $25.00, or $39.99 if the item is Platinum. If the desired size is not listed in the pull down menu, please contact us for size availability and pricing. **The prices listed are for services rendered at the time of the purchase of the ring. For services that are completed after the time of purchase or on items not purchased at REEDS, prices may vary.

If the ring you want is not available in the size you need, REEDS is happy to adjust the size when possible. If a ring needs to be resized in the future, contact us or bring the ring to the nearest REEDS store location. If a Jewelry Service Plan (JSP) was purchased at the time of the original ring purchase, resizing may be free if the resizing occurs within the time constraints set out in the JSP. If a Jewelry Service Plan was not purchased or the time defined in the plan has expired, there may be an additional charge for resizing.