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Explore Tissot Timepieces

About Tissot

Since its founding in 1853, Tissot has been a pioneer in the timepiece industry. Tissot watches for men and women are known for their innovative, beautiful designs. In the early 1900s Tissot created the first non-magnetic wristwatch. From there, they continued to push themselves and created the world's first self-winding watches. Tissot not only stands out for its great feats in the watchmaking industry, but also for offering an accessible diversity of styles.



The Many Features of Tissot Watches

With a reputation for excellence and innovation, it’s no surprise that Tissot has manufactured watches for men and women that come standard with multiple features. Some watches are created for the active lifestyle and come with different features like a barometer, compass, and countdown timer. Others have power reserves, to ensure you never miss a meeting. And most models even have water resistance –– so wear them proudly, no matter the weather or the day’s activities!


Tissot Watches and Pocket Watches

When you invest in a Tissot watch, you are investing in a piece of history. You are purchasing Swiss elegance and functionality. In addition to multiple styles of wristwatches that are designed for both men and women, there are also various styles of pocket watches to choose from. From active to everyday elegance and dress, there are wristwatch options for every individual. If you’re not sure what the best timepiece is for you, let us help you. We’ll talk about your personal taste and your daily life to find exactly what wristwatch will make each day easier for you.


Tissot Watches for Women

Tissot watches are more than just function and innovation –– they are watches with style and grace. Tissot’s collection of watches for women is an exceptional look into the way they blend pragmatic power with beauty. Whether you’re looking for a slim, chic leather band or bright, gold links, there is a watch made just for your style. Tell us what you need practically from your watch and what features would benefit your lifestyle, and we will find you the perfect Tissot watch for you. We are pleased to offer a stunning collection of timepieces for both men and women. Whether you are looking for a new timepiece for yourself or looking to find a beautiful new family heirloom, our selection of Tissot watches has it all.